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At the present time there are 2 locations in the Auroville / Pondicherry area where you can view our creations.

La Boutique d'Auroville

La Boutique d'Auroville, located at the Auroville Visitors Center, has been our primary retail outlet since 1999. Most of our collections are available here, including Art Wear, Happy Everyday, Vagabond and It's Magic!.

There are 3 boutiques at the Visitors Center, ours is the one that is located at the back, and is relatively hard to find. If you are in doubt, check the precise location on Google Maps.

Map of Auroville Visitors Center

Rangoli Atelier

Our atelier in Auroville also has an on-site boutique to showcase our exclusive ranges Cruise and Ce Soir. Since this is our workshop and not a conventional retail location, we are not set-up to cater to casual shoppers. It is really only for those who are already commited to our creations!

For the committed client, visiting the atelier affords an opportunity for a personal consultation with our designer Prema Florence Isaac. You can experience the luxury of bespoke tailoring as we customize our designs to your measurements. You will get a unique designer garment that fits perfectly and incorporates your preferences in fabric, colour, pattern and embellishment. Observe the process of creation as your garment goes through the stages of artisanal manufacture in front of your eyes!

Map of Rangoli Atelier

The atelier is located in the Aurosarjan Complex in Auroville, and we encourage individuals and small groups to make an appointment to visit. Call or Whatsapp +919443362528 or email For larger groups, it is best to call us at least a few days before your planned visit.