These images are the result of a collaboration between Montreal based photographer Jérémi Poulin and myself.

His emphasis on the textile is especially intriguing. I think of these pictures as portraits of textiles which happen to feature their human creator! Since textiles are art woven in fabric, it’s fitting that we should image them as such.

I am very pleased to have these beautiful compositions that celebrate and record my passion for textiles, movement and design while simultaneously featuring my signature fabrics, Jamdani and Tangail.

The tapestries for this project were created from individual saris, as well as custom fabrics of my own design. Some of the garments are from my Art Wear collection of one-of-a-kind pieces while others are designs from my latest limited-edition line Ce Soir. Several of my scarf designs are also featured.

All of the pieces feature fabric that is handwoven by the master artisans of the Tangail weaving communities of Bengal, crafted into garments by the talented team at my Rangoli Atelier in Auroville.

Read about the project in Jérémi's own words......

Prema Florence Isaac

I travel in India for as long as I can remember, it seems..... Be in Rajasthan, Kashmir, Assam or Tamil Nadu, there’s one thing above all others my eyes keep getting caught into, and that thing is multifold: Textile!

Flamboyant colors arrayed in intricate patterns, or vice versa… Everywhere!

I started seeing in black and white after taking a class in analog photography at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in NYC.

It was while I was living in NYC that I came across the portraits of the great Malian photographer Seydou Keïta.

Black and white photography reveals a world unseen. It adds even more magic to an already magical medium and that’s why I like it.

For this project, by removing the obvious —the colors — patterns emerge in a symbolic language, both harmonious and chaotic.

Playing with large superposed pieces of textiles in the background and a moving model wrapped in pattern designed clothing with scarves and accessories creates a multilayered shapes enigma.

Also, this project aims to reveal in a spontaneous fashion the formidable work of a few women in Auroville, India, more so than pursuing any aesthetic or meaning other than the one you believe seeing.

These pictures in particular were taken with Prema Florence Isaac, attired in garments created at her Rangoli atelier, featuring the magnificent fabrics of the Jamdani tradition.

Jérémi Poulin