Dip-Dye Scarf

I love designing scarves. They allow me to collaborate with the artisanal tangail weavers to create distinctive, original fabrics that incorporate the finest of the hand-loom tradition and techniques. Most of my scarves feature P.F.I. Tangail fabrics, designed by me and custom-woven for my atelier.

This Dip-Dye scarf is woven from a hand-spun yarn which is a blend of 60% cotton and 40% silk fibers. The finished scarf is then dyed by hand in a variety of vibrant shades. The process of dyeing involves dipping the scarf into a pot of dye and then slowly drawing it out giving it a beautiful colour gradient.

Fibers that are left protruding out around the edge of the fabric are gathered together and used to attach individual hand-made pom-poms. The scarf is soft, with a buttery feel.

The yarn used to weave the scarf is very fine, so the fabric is extremely light-weight. The pom-poms add just enough weight that the entire scarf drapes and falls like one made from a much heavier fabric. It fits snugly around your frame without needing constant adjustment.

This scarf is a versatile garment. It can be worn as a turban, a shawl, as a cravat, and even as a Ninja-style head-cover and dust-mask!

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