Some of the one-of-a-kind individuals who have collected my one-of-a-kind Woven Canvases.

Daniel Trulson (Woven Canvas #625)

Dan is the baker and chef who is the “Bread” part of "Bread & Chocolate", the Auroville restaurant which he co-founded 5 years ago with Fabien Bontemps, Mirra Tardeil and Jane Mason.

Following the runaway success of the restaurant, which has an almost cult-like following, he has been in high-demand for collaborations. He is now also cofounder of Subko Coffee, President of Subko Bakehouse and a partner in Bread & Chocolate, Chennai.

Dan's culinary journey began in his hometown Chicago, with a multi-year teenage apprenticeship to Patrick Chabert, one of the pioneers of French 🇫🇷 cuisine in the US 🇺🇸. That, and a subsequent stint cooking at a traditional French restaurant in Paris, set the foundation for Dan’s meticulous and orderly approach to baking (and everything else he does).

The signature organic sourdough bread 🍞 that launched “Bread and Chocolate” is a good example of this. With the patience of a hawk, he spent a year and a half sourcing grains, experimenting with mixes, and adjusting the baking process for ambient humidity & temperature, before he was satisfied with the outcome.

Now, he finds himself struggling with the demands that success places on creators everywhere. He has teams of exceptional bakers at his restaurants and cafes, but is unable to personally spend as much time at the oven as he would like.

Although he modestly denies this, he also has the expertise to be a holistic fitness guru. 💪 He often finds himself training celebrity acquaintances who ask for his help. But that’s a whole other story.

I love the t-shirt. It’s soft and light, but durable and well made, something I can work in. I rarely wear colours - blacks, greys and browns are normal for me. This adds colours - the purple and the blue - in a way that fits me.
I remember coming to your studio years ago, on one of my first visits to India 🇮🇳. At the time, we were thinking of opening a cafe-cum-boutique in Ithaca. I loved your unique, colorful and textured creations. The marriage of desi tradition with western design and quality was exactly what we were looking for.
Edgar Lopez (Woven Canvas #583).

Edgar was born in Barcelona but lived in Auroville for many years as a teenager before returning to Spain 🇪🇸. He returned to Auroville from Tenerife a few years ago.

An active, dynamic, social person, Edgar teaches surfing at Kallialay Surf School in Auroville. He sees surfing as a form of self-expression, and a way to connect with nature and his inner-self.

He is the caretaker of the Skate Park in Auroville and is stays busy reforesting the surrounding areas.

A teenage interest in motorcycles evolved into a life-long passion for mechanics, and you can find him tinkering on bikes every day.

Surfing 🏄‍♂️ , skating 🛹 and motorcycles 🏍 - can you say bad boy? Down ladies 🙌, he is a family man with a couple of super-cute girls 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧.

Prema is a fantastic person, one whose lively spirit you feel straight away. Each time I have met her, her positivity and colorful vibrations have made the moment fun. And that is clearly expressed in her work.
Rangoli is a company that reflects her spirit and it is clearly seen in the smiles on the faces of the employees. It is within the Auroville community, so the eco-friendliness and fair trade nature is not just on the label but is a way of life.
The T-shirt is of an incredible quality, it is well tailored and fits well in both casual and more elegant classy moments. You can see that the exclusive hand woven Tangail sari strips were chosen from her own collection. Almost as a found treasure that was never intended to be shared!
Michel Christmann (Woven Canvas #680)

Originally from Strasbourg in Alsace, Michel Christmann is the executive chef 👨‍🍳 at La Villa, the French fine-dining restaurant located (in the luxury villa of the same name) in the French Quarter of Pondichery.

Michel’s culinary credentials are extraordinary: he came up through the ranks at several Michelin 3 star restaurants, and was chef at a Michelin 1 star restaurant before he turned 30. Michelin rival “Gault et Millau” awarded him Young Talent of 2015 along with a 2 toque rating.

His quest for creative freedom, and his passion for creating unique dishes that incorporate local seasonal produce and culinary traditions, brought him to Pondichery in 2017. 🥗

Here he has been infusing elements of Indian food 🥘 (especially the Pondichery creole cuisine) and traditional cooking techniques into a foundation of French haute cuisine. 🥂

A few recent dishes are a French style Moringa soup, a Nannari seed dessert, and a variation of Pondichery Vivica / Goan Bibinca. The Moringa drumstick-meat soup is a good example of the painstaking work that his kitchen team puts into every dish. They produce a curry leaf oil and a cumin foam separately for inclusion in this dish.

His weekly 7-course tasting menus, which amaze with the play of textures, temperatures and flavours, are much anticipated by the town’s foodies as well as visiting gastronomes. 😋

His years as a competitive ice-hockey player have made him extremely team oriented - he encourages his sous chefs to experiment, and empowers the entire kitchen team to produce their best work.

When I first came to India, I was fascinated with the rich colors of saris. As a man, I never imagined that I would be wearing something made from a sari. Now, thanks to Prema's T-shirt, I can!
When I’m wearing the T-shirt, people don't look me in the eye. They look, mesmerized, at the panel on my chest. Every person who sees me in it, notices it, and asks me about it. Even apart from all the attention, I feel special all day wearing the t-shirt. 😄
The spectacular Siam Lee

The "Incredible, Fantastic, Amazing" Siam Lee in his Woven Canvas T Shirt. Sounds a bit over the top? (We couldn't resist the reference to Stan Lee ;-)

Except in this case, it is sort of true...

This brilliant creative is equally at home teaching Kizomba on the dance floor and behind the lens at a photo shoot. He is a musician, composer, DJ, kizomba instructor, photographer, graphic designer, stylist, all round artist and even chef patissier!!

Siam is now a certified practitioner of Soul Therapy.