Monika Maron

Seen here wearing my signature Naksha skirt, the elegant and stylish Monika has curated some of my Art Wear and P.F.I. Tangail collections for our partners in Ibiza, the concept store of Ibiza Living.

The Magnificent Mina

Seen here in Mahabalipuram, wearing my creations - an Art Wear Naksha Minuit Skirt as a strapless dress, with an Art Wear Short Overtop.

World traveler, aesthete, meditation expert, conscious consumption advocate, vegan cooking researcher, organ therapist, all-around artist and steward of the Institute of Bliss at Anandamide Forest, the multi-dimensional Mina has also curated some of my kids' creations in Japan.

Sarine Lawson

A lovely image of a beautiful couple (inside and out). Sarine, wearing an Art Wear Naksha skirt, on the beach at Kennebunkport, with her husband.

Sarine is a brilliant curator of Indian Textiles. She discovers and collaborates with boutique-style Indian designers to bring their craftsmanship to the West. We are grateful for her support of our heritage traditions and the designers that are trying to keep them alive and flourishing.