Va-Va Voom!

These looks incorporate my P.F.I. Tangail fabrics, designed by me in our atelier and custom hand-woven for us by the artisanal Tangail weavers of Bengal. We commission fabrics using only the finest, softest yarns for a smooth, soft, silky feel.

Bianca Jacket in P.F.I. Tangail with Yoga Pants.

The fabrics in the jacket are an ivory ahimsa (non-violent) silk, a black and silver border-patterned fabric with traditional mountain motifs woven in silk and cotton, and a plain black cotton. All the fabrics are woven with the finest yarns, for a silky smooth feel.

Emilia Dress with crocheted foot jewellery.

This dress is in black cotton jamdani with in-loom, hand-embroidered, silver silk butis, and a traditional mountain motif border-pattern in black and silver silk and cotton.

Portia Top with Celia Skirt.

The top is largely a border-patterned fabric with traditional mountain motifs in silver silk. The skirt is a black cotton jamdani with in-loom hand-embroidered inverted silver silk butis. The border is a silver silk paisley and mountain motif on black cotton.