Gangsta Gal

Naomi Shtilman in Sleeveless Naksha Dress, Handloom Hairband and Tant Face Mask. In different shades of P.F.I. Tangail. Guns by Nerf.

Masks are scary. They were traditionally worn by bandits, bank-robbers, and other bad guys that wanted to hide their identities while performing immoral or illegal activities. So much so, that many jurisdictions in Europe and North America have anti-mask laws on their books. You could go to jail for wearing a mask in public!

In the wake of COVID-19, the situation has turned around, now you can go jail for not wearing a mask in public.

But masks can still be scary, or at best, emotionally distancing and impersonal. Since masks hide much of the expressiveness of the human face, most people look grim and emotionless while wearing them.

When I create garments, I want the wearer to feel joyous inside and out. This is hard if she feels she is frightening or intimidating people around her. When I decided to create a mask, I wanted one which is so pretty and striking that it inspires positive feelings in the onlooker.

This is why I created my new #oneofakind #artwear masks, using vintage fabric from my Treasure Trove of Tangail offcuts. The result is a stylish, comfortable, re-usable fashion accessory imbued with the consciousness of master artisans.

When new friend and client Naomi Shtilman dropped by the atelier to fit her new dress, we spontaneously decided to shoot her wearing the mask as an accessory, matching dress and hairband. We wanted to turn the idea of the masked Gangsta on it's head, and have it be fun and playful instead of intimidating and frightening.

I think the general idea behind our mask worked well. People want a colourful and fun alternative to the sterile (literally and figuratively) surgical masks that are all too common. Our Face Masks have proved quite popular, with most clients buying a few at a time for themselves or as gifts for family members. I get visits and calls every day from clients that have heard of them through word-of-mouth.

Join the bandwagon by buying one online now!