Breezy Beach

My name is Prema and I am an addict. When the muse comes upon me, I have to create 👩‍🎨. It may be a new dress that I saw in my dreams, or an idea for a pencil case, or a kid's dinosaur party cape, or a gift bag for champagne bottles, or a tie, or some Woven Canvases, or..... - you get the picture. I generally don't work to a plan, choosing instead to go with the flow of the universe 💫

It generally works out to at least 1 or 2 unrelated new creations per month - and that's too many for a small unit like my atelier. As I've been told by various business types, we do not have the resources to create sales and marketing materials - photo shoots, look books, marketing campaigns, ramp shows, ad copy, catalog, etc. for even a fraction of the products that I create.

As a result, most of my creations are only seen by a small group of people who visit Auroville, especially those who visit my atelier. This includes many designs that have proved popular with a discerning audience.

I would like to change this and do a better job of showcasing more designs online - on Instagram / Facebook and on our website. This series of images introduce a triplet of relatively new designs - skater skirt leggings and feelskin top and a tie-string Art Wear overtop.

The images in this column show the skater skirt leggings. Part of my Move~In line of dance/yoga/leisure wear 💃🧘‍♀️✈️, these leggings are cut from the finest Modal Jersey knit. The leggings are Capri length and are attached to the skirt. They have a drawstring at the hem to adjust the length. You can see the product in greater detail in the final image.

Almost all my designs are created because I want one of whatever it is I'm creating. I am the guinea pig and first customer, and the creation is not available for clients until I am fully satisfied with it. 😃

As a dancer and frequent traveller, I wanted jazzy clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in. This led to my Move~In line of dance 💃 yoga 🧘‍♀️ travel ✈️ wear in the finest Modal Jersey. Not many small designers work with knits, because high-quality Jersey is difficult to source in small volumes, and the sewing machines and skills are more specialized. I probably would not be creating in knits at all, if I didn't create for myself first, since it doesn't make a lot of business sense!

This black Feelskin top is a fairly recent creation. In this image, I am actually wearing it back-to-front. The cross-string detail and striped Tangail panel on the neckline work either way. The top can be paired with jeans, skirts or leggings and it is good for yoga / dance or simply as loungewear.

This picture was shot last year (back when we could still move freely) by my friend Stacey who I was spending the afternoon with.

My line of ArtWear represents a visually distinct element of my design style: the creation of one-of-a-kind garments and accessories. Each creation is unique, to be appreciated on it's own merits. The ArtWear line has done very well in exclusive retail environments, where shoppers can physically examine each piece. Thousands of them have been collected over the 20 years my workshop has been in existence, and I have received appreciative messages from clients all over the world.

I would like wider exposure for these pieces online in a manner that does justice to their beauty - on our website and social media. Do you think that's a good idea? How would you like to see them photographed? 📷

This new design is the latest in my line of overtops. It is sleeveless and has a tie-up in the front. It is versatile and pairs well with a variety of tops and bottoms.

I love the translucency of the fine cotton muslin that is Tangail handloom. As you can see in this image, the sunset 🌅 colours of sky and ocean flow through the fabric as it plays in the wind. To me, the garment, the air and the sky fuse into one harmonious physical and visual whole!

In this post, you can see 3 different instances of this overtop. Each garment is sewed together from 9-11 panels from 2, 3 or more saris. It would be accurate to call them "sari collages"! In the first creation, I have put together 4 kinds of striped Tangail panels. Here, the contrasting solid black border lifts up the subtle shades of orange, grey and white.

The second creation is a more nocturnal version of the first. It's cut from 1 Tangail and 2 Jamdani saris in deeper tones of violet, midnight blue and olive green with an accent of orange. The floral olive green panel in the center is bursting with Jamdani motifs, matched by the multi-coloured stripes on the side panels.

The subtle crimson and cookie/cream colours of the third creation are cut from 2 Jamdani saris. This time the side panels have elaborate motifs along with stripes, and the central panel has simpler butis, with the borders in matching colours.