Rainbow Girl

I meet people from all walks of life in Auroville, one such person is Abbie Stirrup, a designer from the UK. She was browsing my collection in La Boutique D’Auroville when we first met and realised that we share a passion for vibrant pigments, traditional craftsmanship and practical garments.

I invited her to our atelier where a magical discussion about collaborating on the Happy Everyday line arose. Needless to say, she herself is the most colourful person I've met and served as an inspiration and a muse for this year's capsule - "Happy Everyday in a Pigmented Universe".

Here is Abbie, photographed outside our atelier wearing pieces from the Happy Everyday line - Long Overtop in Fuschia 💖 and Balloon Pants in Lime, 💚 both in voile cotton.

Happy Everyday is born out of desire for colour blocking casual pieces to be worn in everyday moments in the warm climate of India. Breezy cotton, modest silhouettes and of course bold and brave pigments is the core of this collection.

From the silhouettes to the 100% cotton fabric, Pigmented Universe came together from selected archive pieces, only more vibrant and with sharper cut lines. Let's get Happy Everyday, brightening up the world 😃

On set with Abbie Stirrup, creating a headpiece from the surrounding nature of Auroville. Pink flowers became the accessory for our magenta look. Pigmented Universe is shot immersed in and around the local life of Auroville, catering to women-on-the-go who are looking for practical but vibrant pieces to wear in your Everyday.