Look of the Moment!

Off-shoulder knit top with one of my signature Artwear skirts - The Naksha.

New! Black & Silver spandex creation with deep handwoven neckline.

All set to trick-or-treat in Kitty Mask with hand-embroidered sequins, Peekaboo Top and Jeggings.
How it Started
The Sexy Safari Jump Suit with Dip-Dye Scarf

A few years ago, we thought about trying out a Look-of-the-Month feature online. It seemed like a good way to get exposure for some of our one-of-a-kind pieces that never make it into our library of images.

It was clear that we didn't have the time or resources to do it like our normal photo shoots, each of which takes many months from concept to final images. Among other things, finding and scheduling a model every month would have added significantly to the burden of getting the image ready. In practical terms we needed someone who could always be counted on to be available for a quick half-hour photo session at a half-hour notice. The only such person was..... me!

Lotus Dress, Clutch Zari Trousse and Rainbow Mist Scarf with Lila Jhola

Although I have modeled for other labels in the past, I had never modeled my own garments before. For the first time, I was appearing in a Rangoli image, and I was a little nervous. It turned out OK, people generally seemed to like the feature. We only ran it a few times though.

We are starting it up again but I thought you might enjoy these earlier looks as well!

Prema Florence Isaac

Long Origami Overtop, Leggings, Anu Dress and Dip-Dye Scarf