P.F.I. Tangail

Tangail artisans: Spinning, dyeing and weaving by hand.

The Tangail weaving community is inspirational! Absolute masters of the hand-loom, they are capable of crafting the most demanding weaves. Working directly with them in their villages, I was not only able to recreate the traditional sari designs that I had been looking for, but also to come up with innovative designs for my own custom fabrics.

Our collaboration resulted in the translucent interleaved fabric layers that are used in some of my scarf designs as well as the inverted buti that enhances traditional designs with added texture.

The fabrics that we work on together are constructed from the finest quality hand-spun yarns, hand-dyed with traditional pigments in the most refined colours.

As I spent time in their villages, I realized that the problem with artisanal Tangail production was worse than I had imagined. Demoralized by the low incomes, thousands of the younger generation had left the profession of their ancestors for more lucrative opportunities. The tradition and lore of weaving that had been handed down parent-to-child for centuries was in danger of dying out!

A Bouquet of Borders! An armful of my custom designed fabrics.

Fortunately, I have been blessed with a clientele that appreciates the qualities of this luxurious tangail in contemporary fusion styles. This allows me to help the weavers keep alive their traditional craft by providing a market for some of their most expensive cloth. In turn, my clients get access to limited edition collections made from exclusive custom fabrics that are not available anywhere else at any price! These are the fabrics that are used in my premium Cruise and Ce Soir collections.

I believe these fabrics live up to Jamdani's centuries-old reputation as an imperial cloth, and am proud to brand them with my initials P.F.I.

Prema Florence Isaac