Prema's Story

My journey so far..

Almost everything about my designs and the evolution of Rangoli is a reflection of my journey through life.

Auroville Influences - Since birth I have lived in Auroville, a magical community outside Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu, South India. From the unorthodox educational system, to the eco-friendly thinking, from the diverse international community, to the spiritual guidance of The Mother and the influence of the Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville has had a profound impact on my outlook to life and work.

Odissi 2 Salsa! - My creations have always reflected my love of dance. I want my garments to move and flow in perfect sync with the movement of the body. I want anyone wearing my creations to feel comfortable and beautiful!

The Atelier - Beginning in 1999, our team of garment artisans has been hand-crafting world-class garments. I am proud of our quality and the dedication of our people.

Rang = Colour - Since childhood I have been fascinated with colour, and it still plays a strong role in my designs. The "rang" in "Rangoli" means "colour" in Sanskrit.

Tangail saris

Tangail Traditions - I remain inspired by the qualities of hand-loomed Tangail - super-fine cotton yarn that is worked into a diaphanous, colourful and lightweight fabric. It lets me play with texture, translucency and the layering of colours in my designs. The traditional artisanal origins of this cloth make it a compelling medium for my creations.

Treasure Trove - I value tangail so highly that I have been saving all the unused bits and pieces of fabric, especially the borders. Many of these styles are not woven any more, so these pieces are irreplaceable and invaluable!

Art Wear - An important aspect of my designs arises organically out of the way in which hand-loomed tangail saris are made and sold: they are naturally a limited-edition product. Faced with this reality, I wound up creating my one-of-a-kind line of Art Wear garments.

P.F.I. Tangail - Inspired by visits to the traditional weaving communities, I began designing my own Tangail fabrics. For over 10 years, I have been collaborating with the weavers. We work together on the designs, which the weavers then manifest as custom fabrics that are exclusive to Rangoli.

Evolution - I'm largely a self-taught designer. Traveling the world, meeting inspirational artists, interacting with different cultures - these life experiences have allowed me to grow as a person and enriched my work.

The journey continues. I'm excited by what the future holds in store. Although we have primarily sold through high-end boutiques up to now, I am anticipating the day when we can reach out to thousands of discerning new clients world-wide on the internet. I look forward to showing all of you the new creations!

Prema Florence Isaac