Early hitch-hiking; with Alphadi in Senegal; on the Mediterranean

I finally got around to studying fashion design formally in 2008 at London's Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design. This experience helped me by providing a formal framework for the knowledge and skills that I have been acquiring since the age of 5.

In terms of education however, I feel I have learnt much more from my travels, and from interacting with inspirational contemporary designers and artists.

From an early age, I have loved to travel, whether it was hitch-hiking to Gokarna or going to Switzerland to visit friends and to work summer jobs. I have traveled extensively within India and also all over the world: for pleasure, to visit friends and relatives, to discover my roots, for dance, as an invited speaker at conferences, and of course for the fashion business.

This has exposed me to the crafts and lifestyles of many cultures and enriched my colour palette and technical repertoire. It has enabled me to meet and spend time with such role-models as Manish Arora, Ritu Kumar, Alphadi, Kim Jung Hwa and the Zenya family.

All of these influences have fused into my design sensibility and had a significant impact on the garments that I create.

Prema Florence Isaac