Rang = Colour

The Mother's Symbol in Colour

Almost everyone feels the effect of colour on their emotions. Red, orange, golden yellows, and shades of pink can energize and lift up the mood. A woman wearing them will feel more joyful and attract joy to her as well. Blues can be calming and cleansing; greens can be revitalizing, and so on.

Colours have relationships: in intelligent combination, they can convey a message of harmony and healing. Ayurvedic healers even believe that colours have a deeper influence on us. That they can directly impact the body at a physiological level. There are various schools of chromo-therapy that promote health and well-being through the use of colour.

Knowing how colours interact with one another helps me understand how to make use of them. However, much of my work with colour is at a very intuitive level. On many occasions I have strongly felt that a client "needed" a certain colour or combination of colours at that particular time in her life. Sometimes the client already knew it, at other times she recognized the need as soon as I suggested it. But almost always the reaction has been positive and the suggestion appreciated.

Our logo as an actual rangoli

Rangoli is an ancient art-form that is found throughout India. Intricate patterns are skillfully drawn on the doorsteps or courtyards of Hindu dwellings and temples. They make use of white “pulis” or dots, around which lines are drawn, creating beautiful sacred geometry forms, or images of nature such as flowers and animals. Rice, flour, sand, turmeric, vermilion and flower petals are all used to fill up the forms with vibrant colours. The patterns and motifs used in the Rangolis are handed down from generation to generation as family traditions.

This custom, which has the purpose of creating beauty and harmony and also of marking auspicious occasions, has always resonated powerfully with me. In addition, the word "Rangoli" in Sanskrit literally means "design in colour" or more lyrically "the expression of artistic vision through the joyful use of colour". This was such an apt description of my work that I had to name my atelier "Rangoli"!

Prema Florence Isaac