It's Magic!

Balloon Pants

"It's Magic, Prema!" said a delighted Sakura. She had just discovered that her Dhara dress could be worn inside-out and that there was a whole other exciting outfit to flaunt. I was very pleased by her reaction. As a designer I enjoy coming up with beautiful, colourful and playful pieces that delight children and allow them to express their individuality. For example, most of the garments in this collection are made of two layers of translucent fabric that play with light to create multi-tonal textured hues, allowing your child multiple options for self-expression.

As a busy mother myself, I also care about practical considerations such as comfort, value and ease-of-maintenance. The clothes are cut for easy movement in breathable light-weight 100% cotton, making them suitable for everyday active wear. They are also designed to fit at various lengths so that even as your child grows, she looks well-dressed. The reversibility of most of the pieces means you get 2 outfits in 1 garment. The "crushed" effect in the girls outfits avoids the need for ironing, making the pieces easy to care for, while looking cute!

Prema Florence Isaac


Princess Dress

Flow Dress

Wave Dress

Fairy Set

Light-Layer Dress

Rang-Biranga Scarf

Gypsy Set



Prince Tunic

Half Pant

Royal Kurta

Full Pant

Photography by Siam Lee