Fashion Week!

In the past, I've never participated in the Fashion Week circuit. It's too expensive for us in terms of money, time, travel and other resources. Recently however, we were approached to open the Pondicherry Fashion Week as the hosting designer, on an invitation basis.

I've always wanted to do a fashion show, and since it was right here in town, I decided to go ahead and give it a shot.

We got very late notice, so I only had a week to put together the show. We had to work out all the details of the styles, the accessories, the music, the choreography and the makeup.

We couldn't execute all of our ideas. The backstage and production constraints made it impossible, but we improvised and managed to make it all work.

It was a lot of work, we were busy almost around the clock for the whole week, but we had fun!! It was a rewarding and educational experience.

Our show was in three parts. The first part was the "enigma" mood - elegant, sophisticated, chic.

The second part of the show was the "happy" mood - fun, festive, colourful BoHo chic.

For the grand-finale, we had an "afro-cuban dance" mood with the models all sashaying to salsa as they came out together. For the showstopper, I danced out on stage with these studly hunks!

The models all loved the look and fit of the outfits (and had fun with the choreography). The audience really enjoyed the show, so we left with the satisfaction of a job well done.