FabricArt Panel on T-Shirt

A piece of wearable art! Our T-Shirt with a numbered FabricArt chest panel makes the perfect gift for that unique individual. I create each panel individually as a collage composed of textile strips.

The fabric strips come from my treasure-trove of vintage Tangail sari borders (hand-woven in the finest cotton, silk and metal-zari).

Each panel is a labour of love. You can read more about the process here

Along with your T-shirt, you will receive one of our gift bags: a delicate transparent cotton organza envelope with a mother-of-pearl button closure, making it a perfect gift item!

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These are the panels that are currrently available*. The entire series, including the panels that have already been collected, can be viewed here. As new panels are created, they will be numbered and listed here for sale.

Our unisex T-shirts are crew-neck and regular-fit, made of soft bio-washed, 100% cotton (160 gsm weight).

Select a T-Shirt size (see the size chart below for dimensions) and colour to find what works for you. When you order your one-of-a-kind numbered collage, it will be stitched on to a T-shirt and shipped to you.

The Panels


Measurements (in inches)
Measurements (in cm.)

The dimensions of each collage are fixed at the time I create it. Depending on the size of the T-Shirt and the size of the collage, the visual area covered by the panel will seem different. For each T-shirt size, we suggest the panels that are visually appropriate.


Each border in every panel has been individually tested for colour-fastness and colour-fixed in some cases, so there will be no colour-bleeding with normal washing.

For wash-care and other pre-purchase information take a look at our Shop FAQ.

Corporate Gifts

These panels make fantastic corporate gifts. Please email us if you would like to order a batch of panels for corporate gifting to team members or executives. If you like, we can also attach them to your corporate branded t-shirts.


Since our garments are on sale in several physical locations in addition to the website, there is a small chance that the one-of-a-kind item that you have selected has already been sold. In this case, we will let you select another item of the same kind, or refund your purchase price, as you prefer.

Models: Shajin Kalathingal, Gulshan Gupta, Kartik Samuel Isaac. Photography by Mathilde Hauser