Born in Auroville, an International City in south india, near Pondicherry, I had the chance to live in a multi cultural environment, with an open spirit, and a different outlook on the world which gave meaning to my life.

At a very young age I became fascinated by the textiles and colours of India, and this has never left me.

I work with artisans from an ancient lineage of hand loom weaving. Their know how is extraordinary, their work is thorough and complex, and extremely time-consuming. Due to the economic pressures of globalization this heritage art form is in danger of extinction.

My creations are a reflection of the amalgamation of my two cultures, Indian and Western.

The sensuality of a movement, the flavor of a dish, music, paintings, architecture, the perfume of a flower - all of this inspires my work.

Being... in coherence.

Prema Florence Isaac

Photography by Dinh Thi Tien