I was in Vilnius to give a talk at an event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of Auroville, at the UNESCO hall.

I chose to present the story of Auroville in a personal way. I told the story of my mother Myriam, one of the earliest Aurovilians, then my own story as someone who was born and educated here and has lived, worked and played in Auroville my whole life. Finally I talked a bit about my son Liam's life and education in the Auroville of today.

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We had hoped to present this tale of 3 generations of Auroville in person, with my mother and Liam present, but there was only enough funding for one person to make the trip.

Given how cold it was in Vilnius, I think it's just as well, that my mother and Liam didn't come, but it would have been more interesting for the audience.

I enjoyed interacting with the audience at the presentation. I got some great questions (some of which I couldn't answer), and I really enjoyed talking to individuals after the talk. The formal presentation ran for over an hour (I was surprised), and the Q&A that followed ran for a couple of more hours