Pigmented Universe - The Joy of Colour

Rangoli is "the expression of artistic vision through the joyful use of colour".

I collaborated with Abbie Stirrup to create a new capsule collection for my long running line of "Happy Everyday" pret-a-porter.

Our inspiration for this version of the line was "Happy Everyday in a Pigmented Universe". This capsule is all about the blocking of bold hues to infuse a simple, yet strong, design element into everyday wear.

Our Happy Everyday collection includes casual pieces like this asymmetric Twiggy Side Slit Dress. Its versatility allows it to be worn in a variety of settings with or without pants.😉

Here, it is paired with our best selling Gloriosa Tie Pant - another lounge pant from this line. The adjustable drawstring on the waist makes it easy to slip into and move~in. Great for Travel ✈️, Leisure 🍹 and Yoga. 🧘‍♀️

The tan shade lifts up the minimalist silhouette and the 100% cotton fabric keeps it cool in the summers. 😌

In this image, you can see my Bougainvillea Crop Top worn with Balloon Flower Pants. Like most of my creations, the Happy Everyday line emphasizes Lightness, Beauty, and Freedom of movement.

These harem pants are easy and comfortable. They playfuly respond to movement by "ballooning" out like an eventail (or accordion) between the elastic waist and hem. You can ride your bullet, practice yoga, 🧘‍♀️ and dance in them (because they are dancing with you)! 💃

The little body hugging top has elastic at the back (invisible in this image), which provides a snug and comfortable fit.

Here you see the Butterfly-Pea Shoulder String Dress. It has an A-line cut, a V neck, delicate shoulder straps and side pockets. Elastic in the back and a drawstring in the front allow the dress to be worn by a variety of sizes and shapes. It can also be worn as a long tunic, with trousers or straight fit pants underneath.

In this image it is paired with one of my overtops, the Long Floating Overlayer. Inspired by the warm climate of my home base - the coastal town of Auroville - the overtop protects from the extreme heat but also acts as a coverup in the cooler evenings.

Both dress and overlayer are cut in 100% cotton voile.

When we say that it happened OUT OF THE BLUE casual force was "beyond" anything visible or predictable - literally out of the Heavens. Such is the power of the colour blue, which is often associated with the open sky and vast ocean. Blue also stands as the colour of the negotiator and helps in self-expression (hence, a lot of social media channels use the colour blue). Different shades of blue can give a different vibe, a darker shade of blue can mean that we are 'getting the blues'. Whereas, an electric blue is a powerful statement colour by itself and can boost confidence!

Calm Tan is one of the shades in this capsule. Tan evokes warmth and security - the elemental earth - stability, grounding, conservation, protection. With its paleness, it can be paired as a complement to almost any other colour on the Colour wheel.

In general, the colour brown and its lighter cousins: tan, taupe, beige, and cream make excellent backgrounds helping accompanying colors appear richer and brighter. Use brown to convey a feeling of warmth, honesty, and wholesomeness.

This capsule comes in several colour choices. Here you see the Bougainvillea Crop Top and Wild Pansy Pants in Magenta. Magenta is both the beginning and end of the light spectrum, hence it represents the Alpha and the Omega - the fullest expression of Divine Love. This colour helps to create harmony and balance in every aspect of life.