The G-Spot

Old Town Vilnius - Freezing my a** off, but loving it.

"Hey, Did you know you were going to the G-Spot of Europe", asked a friend when he heard I'd been invited to visit Lithuania by Auroville International, Vilnius. That sounded unusual! It turned out that he had seen an online ad campaign promoting Vilnius as an "unknown pleasure destination".

I gave a talk for the commemoration of Auroville's 50th anniversary at the UNESCO hall here. I also conducted a workshop at Unda Prisca with Laime Kiskune dedicated to the theme of harmony in colours, textures and scents and their practical tuning in everyday life.

Christmas Market

Did I mention it was cold? It was between -5 and -12 Centigrade almost the entire time I was there (those are daytime temps). Now that I'm back in balmy (or torrid for some of you) 29 Centigrade weather, it seems surreal.

Vilnius Chanuka

I wasn't fully aware of this, until Laime educated me, but for centuries Vilnius had a thriving Jewish population, so much so that Napoleon - who I'm supposedly distantly related to through my Corsican great-grandmother - named it the "Jerusalem of the North".

It turned out that the ordinary residents of the city absolutely hated the ad campaign, so I decided to leave out jokes about enjoying the G-Spot from my talk!