Birthday Boy

Nir Cohen is seen here celebrating his birthday wearing some of my Men's creations - Angkor Kurta and stretch poplin shorts.

Nir is an entrepreneur, gym owner and all around creative guy. He came into the atelier a little over a year ago. He was traveling through India with some friends and they had stopped in Auroville for a few weeks. Somehow he found our website, was intrigued by our Men's capsule, and decided to check out my creations first-hand.

Contrary to appearances, you do not need to have tattoos to wear my creations. However, many of my clients have a deep appreciation of art, and for some of them it extends to body-art. Whatever the reasons, we (unintentionally) have wound up with many images of tattoo-ed folk on our feed.

When Nir first visited my atelier, I was busy with another client. My partner showed him around quickly and suggested he visit our primary outlet, La Boutique d'Auroville.

A few days later we were surprised when Nir showed up again, this time with a guy who looked like a movie star wearing one of my Woven Canvas P.F.I. T-Shirts. It turned out that Nir had taken his friends to our outlet and they had already purchased a bunch of my creations. Now they wanted more, and more customized pieces, made-to-measure.

The Adonis turned out to be Elrun Rosenbaum, whose god-like physique and startling good looks hide the soul of a philosopher-poet, the eye of a brilliant photographer and the keen intellect and imagination of a genius creative director. We were thinking about starting our Instagram account at the time, and I spent many hours brainstorming with Elrun, gaining the benefit of his experience and knowledge.

In the mean time, their third traveling companion, artist and tribal goddess Reut Agam, had dropped by the studio independently to see my work. We instantly connected, and spent many hours and days together, working on jewellery designs, exploring the possibility of a larger artistic collaboration and just hanging out.

This group of friends is a creative powerhouse, and their visit turned into a wonderful opportunity for personal and professional enrichment.

Photography by Elrun Rosenbaum