Beauty Inspires Us....

In the physical world of all things, it is Beauty which best expresses the Divine.


Let beauty be your constant ideal

The beauty of the soul
The beauty of sentiments
The beauty of thoughts
The beauty of action
The beauty in the work
So that nothing comes out of your hands which is not an expression of pure and harmonious beauty.

And the Divine Help shall always be with you.


The Mother

In the hands of skilled artisans lie the beginnings of a 5000 year old fashion statement.

With patience and precision, the first hints of threads are borne out of the raw hand-dyed cotton.

As experienced fingers gently guide the material into fine threads, each individual thread imbibes the essence of the artist's skill.

Light filters through the colours of the earth and skies onto the hand-spun threads.

Thousands of individually hand-made threads are brought together into vibrant colours.

Skilled weavers take meticulous care to ensure every centimeter of the fabric is beautifully made.

The simple meditation of weaving brings the artists joy as they work.

Ancient technology - alive today - as the earliest computing techniques are used to create rich, intricate borders.

Fabric is the most intimate of our belongings, a constant witness to every detail of our lives.

Using techniques that date back thousands of years, one of our earliest human inventions - cloth - is still created by hand with dedication and pride.

Handled with love and crafted with artistry, from raw cotton into hand-loomed saris.

Live the modern interpretations of an ancient art. Live in ancient art for the modern world.