Naren Gupta (far right) leads the morning Pranayama session

A few years ago, Naren Gupta, who was volunteering at Rangoli at the the time, suggested that we have Yoga and Pranayama practice sessions for the team every morning. Since Naren has been practicing yoga and pranayama for decades, we jumped at the chance to benefit from his experience.

We began our day at the atelier with Naren leading half-hour sessions, starting with some yoga movements, followed by pranayama, and ending with a short meditation.

The team loved it! When Naren eventually moved on, they really wanted to keep it going.

We now do a regular morning meditation, preceded by some form of yoga or conscious movement, and simple pranayama.

We recently received some pictures taken during Naren's time here, and wanted to share them with you.

Photography by Mathilde Hauser