Art Wear

Our classic "Gypsy" ensemble: the Naksha skirt, Saree top and Overtop.

The Holy Days collection is our original Art Wear - garments that I create individually as art-pieces, each being one-of-a-kind.

Every single Holy Days garment begins with an exquisite limited-edition saree, hand-spun&woven&embroidered by the master artisans of the tangail weaving communities of Bengal.

The Romani Kurti

For every piece we create, I hand-pick a saree and decide how it will be cut into panels. This cut depends on the pattern woven into that individual saree, as well as on the style of the garment being created. The pallu piece, which has a more elaborate design than the rest of the saree, is generally reserved for use in tops, overtops and prominent panels of dresses.

The Sarouel dress.

Sometimes a piece calls for extra border, or a border different than the one on the original saree. Over the years, I have gathered thousands of beautiful and unique soft tangail borders. I think of this as my Tangail Treasure Trove. I search through this collection to find the exact border that will "finish" the piece by enhancing the inter-play of texture, colour and pattern.

The Lotus dress in Jamdani. One of our signature silhouettes in our signature fabric!

The skirts and dresses are lined with fine voile. I play with various colour options to find the one that harmonizes with the translucent tangail cloth to create a multi-tonal light-layering.

A multi-layered look with Kaftan over Lotus dress and Balloon pants.

No two garments are identical. Each creation is hand-made, unique and exclusively yours. You will never see it on anyone else!

Model: Theresa Devitt, Photography by Siam Lee