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A Bouquet of Borders! How and Why I created my own line of fabrics: P.F.I. Tangail

Look of the Moment! All set to trick-or-treat in Kitty Mask with hand-embroidered sequins, Peekaboo Top and Jeggings.

FabricArt T-Shirt - A one-of-a-kind T-Shirt for that unique individual. It features a chest panel that is one of my numbered Tangail Art collages.

Tangail Art - Some time ago, I started creating one-of-a-kind, numbered collages using borders from my Treasure Trove...

About Us

I have been designing since I was a child growing up in Auroville. I opened my Rangoli Atelier here in 1999. Since then I have been fortunate to have thousands of clients from all over the world. I am grateful to all of you for supporting my passion, and proud to create items that are world-class in terms of design, materials, and craftsmanship.

From early on, I have been drawn to the diaphanous, textured handloom fabrics of the Jamdani tradition. They allow me to express myself with colour, texture, transparency and layering. Although I use various textiles in my designs, Tangail and Jamdani remain my signature fabrics.

For more than a decade, I have been traveling to Bengal to collaborate with the artisanal Tangail communities outside Kolkata. I commission custom fabrics directly from the weavers. These textiles, designed at my Atelier, require the most technically demanding weaves, the finest yarns, and the most refined colors. This challenges the weavers to produce their most beautiful work, all at fair trade prices. I believe this is the most sustainable way to keep their tradition alive.

You can see my work with Tangail in my line of one-of-a-kind ArtWear pieces, as well as in the styles that use our in-house designed, custom-woven fabrics. Scarves are a natural fit for custom weaves, and I have been designing my own for many years.

My love of movement and dance is reflected in a line of yoga / dance / leisure wear that is made from the finest modal jersey. I also have a line of every day wear for which I have used a variety of textiles from viscose to voile.

I have been designing children’s garments for over 15 years, and I have a limited but distinctive range of Men’s garments, including a Necktie.

Recent Features

We are sharing some pictures we recently received of the morning Pranayama sessions at the atelier.

The Rangoli Journey Over the years, I have told this story in bits and pieces to clients and friends, who kept asking why it wasn't on the website.....

The It's Magic collection of colourful, reversible children's garments in 100% Voile de Cotton

After 10 years on the drawing boards, I'm finally ready to launch my new kids' label!! - KidinMi

Holy Days Reboot - A multi-layered boho re-imagining of our classic one-of-a-kind line of sari-based ArtWear.

... and now for something completely different. I've never done a Men's necktie before! Here it is - the Kagera Tie

The Vagabond: A collection in a bio-washed, hand-spun, hand-loomed khadi and P.F.I. tangail - inspired by the travelers and mavericks of the world.....

Summer Dreams - A collection in Black, Ivory and Silver, in P.F.I. Tangail using the finest Bengal cotton, lustrous Madka and Mysore silks.