FabricArt T-Shirt

The perfect gift for that unique individual! A T-shirt with a chest panel that is one of my numbered Tangail Border Collages, a one-of-a-kind work of fabric art. Each panel is handmade, unique and exclusively yours!

Our unisex T-shirts are crew-neck and regular-fit, made of soft bio-washed, 100% cotton (160 gsm weight).

When you order your one-of-a-kind numbered collage, please specify your T-shirt size (see our size chart for dimensions). We will stitch the collage you selected on to the T-shirt and ship it to you.

Along with your T-shirt, you will receive one of our great gift bags: a delicate transparent cotton organza envelope with a mother-of-pearl button closure, making it a perfect gift item!

The dimensions of each collage are fixed at the time I create it. Depending on the size of the T-Shirt and the size of the collage, the visual area covered by the panel will seem different. A 33 cm. panel on an S-size T-Shirt will appear wider than a 27 cm. panel on a XXL-size T-Shirt. I have found that the visual effect is pleasant either way, but your T-shirt might not appear exactly as pictured in the photos.


Measurements (in inches)
S14 - 1538 - 3926 - 27
M15 - 1640 - 4127 - 28
L16 - 1742 - 4328 - 29
XL17 - 1843 - 4429 - 30
XXL18 - 1945 - 4630 - 31
Measurements (in cm.)
S35.6 - 38.196.5 - 99.166.0 - 68.5
M38.1 - 40.6101.6 - 104.168.5 - 71.1
L40.6 - 43.2106.7 - 109.271.1 - 73.7
XL43.2 - 45.7109.2 - 111.873.7 - 76.2
XXL45.7 - 48.3114.3 - 116.876.2 - 78.7

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The T-Shirts are now available for purchase on Etsy.


Each border has been individually tested for colour-fastness and colour-fixed in some cases, so there will be no colour-bleeding with gentle washing.

For wash-care and other pre-purchase information take a look at our Shop FAQ.

Models: Shajin Kalathingal, Gulshan Gupta, Kartik Samuel Isaac